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elsker mig, jeg er en sexet dansk pige 

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Germany was by no means an exception in terms of an ancient Black presence. There have been settlements of African people in that region from as far back as the Old Stone Age.
Black legions invaded Germany with Julius Caesar, and MacRitchie stated that certain Danish tribes in northwestern Germany were “like the Moors, black.”
In the 1940s, Joel Augustus Rogers found the coats-of-arms of many prominent German families bearing the head or body of a Moor, indicating a Black progenitor.
Anyone traveling in Coburg, Germany, will encounter the Coburg Moor, who is on the city arms and is the patron saint of the city. Believed to be the image of Saint Mauritius from Egypt, the oldest impression of the city seal dates back to the year 1521.

Maksymilian Novak-Zempliński (Polish, b.1974), painting from Incarnatio cycle, oil on board.

Beyond the poplars lie acres of winter ready earth, trimmed hedges and cut verges. But here in this wild place summer hasn’t ended, flowers still bloom and insects still shimmer. Here, is a larder brim full of fruit and nuts and seeds. And also this year, of voles! I’ve never seen so many voles in my life.

You Can’t Fake Real

Surviving impostor syndrome. By Brodie. Illustration by Marjainez.
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